четверг, 5 ноября 2015 г.

Игры разума

Отрывок из автобиографии Алекса Фергюсона про mind games:
People assumed I was always waging psychological war against Arsène Wenger, always trying to cause detonations in his brain. I don’t think I set out to provoke him. But sometimes I did use mind games in the sense that I would plant small inferences, knowing that the press would see them as psychological forays.
I remember Brian Little, who was then managing Aston Villa, calling me about a remark I had made before we played them.
‘What did you mean by that?’ he asked.
‘Nothing,’ I said. I was baffled. ‘I thought you were up to your mind games again,’ Brian said. When he put the phone down, apparently, Brian couldn’t stop thinking: ‘What’s he up to? What was he trying to say?’
Though it served me well to be unnerving rival teams, quite often I unsettled opponents without even meaning to, or realising that I had.
У меня вот то же самое. Если я сказал что-то двусмысленное, то скорее всего, это из-за того, что я где-то недодумал и недосчитал все варианты, а не из-за того, что я хотел намекнуть или уколоть.